Make Your Kitchen Drawers Beautiful

The inside of your new kitchen deserves to be as beautiful and practical as the outside. At Polished Kitchen Designs our kitchens are made to order, so you have a selection of kitchen drawers to choose from; Blum Legrabox, Blum Tandembox, Hettich Atira Drawerbox and Dovetail oak boxes.

Once you have chosen the drawerbox type itself, then you can now choose your drawer internals to keep your drawers organised.  Optimising your drawer storage not only keeps your kitchen tidy; it makes cooking simpler, with everything to hand.

Drawer storage isn’t just about cutlery trays, deep drawers are increasingly replacing traditional cabinets due to their accessibility. Why scrabble at the back of a cabinet when a drawer brings the contents to you. Multi-functional, they can be used to store ingredients, pots and pans or plates and we have the perfect drawer accessories to ensure the items are securely held in place.

Cutlery tray:
An essential for every kitchen, available in many sizes, colours and finishes.

Modular box inserts:
‘Konfigure’ box inserts by Kessebohmer offer the perfect solution for flexible and customisable drawer storage. These boxes are great for tins, spices, etc

Blum Plate holders:
A must for your crockery, these are life-changing! The holders secure up to 12 plates allowing you to lift them all at once easily around your kitchen and dining room.

Peg Boards:
Deep pan drawers have become an essential part of modern kitchens and are often high on clients wish lists. With the removable plate racks and pegs you can secure your pots and pans.

Everyday essentials:
The Blum foil and film dispensers are easily accessible and offer tangle free dispensing.

To learn more about your options when it comes to kitchen drawers, or to find out about our design process, click here.