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Supporting local businesses

It’s no secret that supporting local business can have a fantastic impact on your community. Whether it be the weekly groceries, a new pair of shoes, or even a brand new kitchen, there is a wealth of areas in which you can help to boost the local economy whilst buying the things you need and love.

With communities starting to find their feet in what seems to be a ‘new normal’ post Covid-19, now is the time your support can have the biggest influence.

In this short blog we’d like to run through just a few facts about supporting local buisness that you may not know. We’ve certainly learnt a thing or two writing it!

How might you benefit from buying local?

There are a wide range of personal benefits to buying local. Perhaps most notably is the quality of what you’re purchasing. Whether it’s vegetables, milk or furniture, it’s unlikely to be mass produced. This means the supplier can give that little extra attention to each product before it goes into your basket.

Let us quickly use a new kitchen as another example.

Say you have seen your dream kitchen with an independent design company, and the price quoted is within your planned budget. Naturally you will be looking elsewhere to check you’ve been quoted a fair price. Now say that you’ve seen a different kitchen that isn’t the same, but now it’s with a high street brand. It isn’t bespoke to you home, it isn’t really what made you fall in love with the idea of redesigning your kitchen, but it is two thirds of the price.

Buying sale products from high street retailers may occasionally cut the price, but it also cuts corners in your project. Units, doors, flooring and accessories aren’t generally bespoke, which you may find are not to your personal taste as a result.

Whilst this suits some homes, there’s little getting away from the fact that redesigning your kitchen can be a big commitment, regardless of where you purchase your design. For that reason, we suggest that if you are going to do it, make sure it’s your dream kitchen!

The positive impact on your community!

Having done a little research, we’ve found out that for every £10 spent with a local retailer, roughly £50 goes back into the local economy. Now when it comes to buying a brand-new kitchen, you can just imagine what that will do for other local businesses!

How does Polished Kitchen Designs help the local community?

We have always used local and trusted fitters to help turn your designs into reality. When choosing to collaborate with us, you are in fact working alongside a whole host of other local traders who are considered the very best in their trade.

Working with regional partners on your project also aids the quick fitting and completion of your brand-new kitchen. Factors such as reduced travel will have environmental benefits, and may also limit additional costs you may incur when working with nationwide brands who travel from all over.

We understand that the last few months have been difficult for everybody, and we endeavor to make our clients feel comfortable, safe and clued up in all areas when progressing with their project.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your brand new dream kitchen, or even to find out a little more about how we’re working at the moment, please do get in touch.

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