The Importance of Storage Solutions

The key to a clutter-free kitchen is to invest in space-saving storage.

Considered and accessible storage is crucial to an ergonomic design. It’s important to create a well organised space that not only looks beautiful but is practical too.

With the trend for open plan kitchens growing it is more critical than ever to have effective storage. More and more kitchens are used not only for cooking, but for socialising and living in, and are therefore often always on show. Storage solutions can help you to create a sleek and seamless finish with clutter hidden away out of sight.

There are many solutions available to help make even the smallest space practical and accessible.

Corner units: Modern corner mechanisms like the lemans and magic corner are the perfect solution for those hard to reach corner cupboards. The mechanisms pull out of the units, bringing those hard to reach pots and pans into accessible space.

Pantries: Double door food pantries and breakfast cupboards are highly desirable and offer the perfect solution for storage in a more traditional style kitchen. Built bespoke these units can be built to your requirements and to suit your lifestyle. Love coffee- why not include a coffee station in your new kitchen?

Base Pull outs: Base mechanisms are a great solution if your kitchen cant accommodate the larger tall larders. The options are flexible and can be used to store food, bottles, mixers, bowls etc. Smaller 150 wide pull outs are perfect for spices, oils, towels, trays and cleaning products and can really transform narrow and awkward spaces.

Larders: Getting to the things at the back of your cupboards can be a real hassle. Our modern pull out larders solve this as everything is in sight. The larders bring the contents of the units towards you so you can easily see everything and find everything you need. The best sellers are the Kessebohmer pull out larder, Kessebohmer tandem larder, Kessebohmer Convoy Premio and the Blum Space Tower- all of which will solve your food storage dilemas!